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On 25 February at 11.30am (UK time), David Allen is giving an online talk on

Teacher Planning in Mantle of the Expert. 


Teachers often wonder about how to plan a Mantle project. Where do you start? In this online talk, David will look at Dorothy's own approach to planning, and offer tips and guidance. The session is suitable for teachers and practitioners working at primary and secondary levels.


The cost is £2. For further details, go to:


The session will be self-contained but is also designed as a "curtain raiser" to the forthcoming online course "Mantle of the Expert: Advanced Online Certificate Course" which starts March 3rd. 


This course runs over 10 weekly sessions. It is aimed at teachers and practitioners who have some experience in the system. The course is also led by David Allen. It will look at different aspects of Mantle including: teacher in role; teacher language; drama conventions; and assessment. It will also offer guidance in planning, and individual and group support to participants in developing their own projects.


Fee for the full course: £80.00 “Early Bird” rate (before 19 February); £95.00 after 19 Feb.

For more details and to book, go to:

Organised by the Online School of Drama


We have formed a new monthly online Mantle Network Seminar Group, to offer guidance and training in Mantle of the Expert, and other aspects of Dorothy Heathcote’s work; and provide a support network to teachers and practitioners. The group is now fully booked; but we will be offering more opportunities for training, mentoring and support in future - watch this space! 

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This is a recording of a Network event, in which we discussed the benefits and challenges of working through Mantle. Contributors include Brian Edmiston, Iona Towler Evans, Cecily O’Neill, Vaishali Chakravarty, Richard Kieran, Lisa Hinton, David Allen, and more.  

Dorothy Heathcote was ahead of her time. Her work continues to provide models, inspiration, and challenges. Her vision of a revolution in the way we think about education seems even more urgent now than ever. 


As part of the 2023 "Dorothy Heathcote Now" conference, we ran a series of free online events.


The first featured David Montgomery, who shared his memories of working with Dorothy at New York University (see video).

The second session featured Brian Edmiston and Iona Towler-Evans, talking about "Humanizing Teaching with Dramatic Inquiry," and sharing examples from their recent practice.

In the third session, Viv Aitken and Tim Taylor discussed the realities of Mantle of the Expert around the world.

More videos from the series to follow shortly!

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Dorothy Heathcote war ihrer Zeit voraus. Ihre Arbeit bietet weiterhin Modelle, Inspiration und Herausforderungen.


Ihre Vision, unser Denken über Bildung zu revolutionieren, scheint jetzt noch dringlicher als je zuvor.

Diese Konferenz wird Vorträge und praktische Workshops kombinieren.


Es werden die verschiedenen Methoden untersucht, die sie entwickelt hat - Prozessdrama, Mantle of the Expert, Auftragsmodell, Rolling Role - und die Verbindungen zwischen ihnen.

Zu den Rednern / Moderatoren gehören: Cecily O'Neill, Luke Abbott und Brian Edmiston

Gleichzeitig mit der Konferenz wird die National Association for the Teaching of Drama eine Sonderausgabe „Dorothy Heathcote“ des Journal for Drama in Education veröffentlichen.

Diese Website ist die Heimat des Mantle Network, das Lehrer und Praktiker unterstützt.

Es bietet spezielle Veranstaltungen, Projekte in Schulen sowie Coaching und Mentoring.

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