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Bertz Associates

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Our project was called "We make Brum - Brum makes us." (Brum is short for Birmingham.)

It formed part of a larger project, "Everything to Everybody," which sought to engage more people and communities in the Shakespeare Memorial Library (part of the Central Library).


The Memorial Library was founded by George Dawson in 1882. Dawson was a lecturer, preacher and activist. "Everything to everybody" was his watchword. As part of this civic gospel, he founded this, the world's first great public Shakespeare library, for everyone in Birmingham, very much including its working people.


In our project, we worked with young people from Ark Victoria & George Dixon Academy schools. We considered what the city means to us, as people living in Birmingham now. We looked at the phrase, “Everything to Everyone,” and decided it means justice, equality and fairness.


We created an exhibition, “We Make Brum – Brum Makes Us.” It was presented in the Shakespeare Memorial Library from 9-16 September 2023, and was seen by over 10,000 people.

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In this video, Iris Bertz and Heather Smith discuss the "We Make Brum" project.


The slide show features panels which were created for the exhibition.


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